Old Mission Santa Inés: A Cultural Treasure

OldMissionSantaInes-Solvang-creditSYVVA-DaveRetzHave you ever wondered why there is a Spanish-Colonial style mission in the center of the Danish-style village of Solvang? Honestly? Old Mission Santa Inés was here first! When Danish-American settlers arrived in Solvang in 1911, an impressive structure dominated the south-eastern border—Old Mission Santa Inés (Saint Agnes in English) that was founded in 1804 by Spanish missionaries, the 19th mission in the famous chain of 21 California missions throughout the state. The Mission and its surrounding land soon became a highly successful agricultural community; harvests were plentiful and livestock numbered in the thousands. In 1821, Mexico gained its independence from Spain, and over a period of years secularized all the California Missions. Mission buildings fell into disrepair, their lands were taken or given away, and inhabitants dispersed. Although never abandoned, Mission Santa Inés was severely impacted. The Capuchin Franciscan Friars (1924-present) have continued restoring Mission Santa Inés buildings and gardens, and have established a museum featuring a rich collection of paintings, statuary, vestments, manuscripts, and artifacts of the native Chumash, Spanish and Mexican heritage. Our Mission is now a National Historic Landmark District. Don’t miss a chance to visit this treasure here in Solvang!  http://www.solvangusa.com/listings/index.cfm?action=display&listingID=413&menuID=207&hit=1