Two-Wheeled Adventures

Solvang, CaliforniaRiding your bike year-round is absolutely fun here in Solvang and the surrounding Santa Ynez Valley. Whether you’re astride a beach cruiser, skinny-tire road cycle or a rugged mountain bike, savor year-round blue skies, warm sun, quiet country roads, spectacular scenery and challenging climbs. Many pro bicycling teams train on our local roads and mountain passes (in fact, Team BMC just held a 10-day camp here in prep for the Tour de France). Plenty of amateur bike riding camps and vacation tours headquarter here, too. Be on the lookout for those matching kits (cycling outfits). Did you know that Solvang proudly hosted the Individual Time Trial Stage of the professional cyclists’ Amgen Tour of California in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011? Some of the largest amateur rides (think 3,000) in the nation visit us every year including the Solvang Century (coming up on 3/8/14). Bring your own wheels or rent a set from local shops (maybe even a 4-wheel surrey cycle for the whole family)! And if you really want an amazing adventure on two wheels, climb aboard a Segway of Solvang self-balancing personal transport vehicle (Yes, I’ve ridden one and it’s a blast!) For some two-wheel route ideas, visit  OR check out this video for insider cycling tips: