Explore Elverhøj!

20110517-Solvang_ElverhojExteriorDid you know that Elverhøj (pronounced “El-ver-hoy” in English) is Danish for elves hill and is one of Denmark’s most famous folk plays? And just four blocks from downtown, Elverhøj Museum of History & Art is devoted to Solvang’s history, its pioneering Danish-American spirit and Denmark’s colorful customs as well as artistic expression (you definitely want to check out the rotating exhibits, special events and activities throughout the year). Viggo Brandt-Erichsen (1896-1955), a Danish-American artist & sculptor built Elverhøj as his dream home and studio almost single-handedly. Along with his wife Martha Mott “Patt” Brandt-Erichsen (1906-1983), an accomplished painter and art teacher in her own right, they donated their dream home to the community upon their passing. Following extensive renovation, Elverhøj opened to the public in May 1988 and over the last three decades, has become a cultural center you should definitely visit. Hours are 11 am – 4 pm Wednesday through Sunday with free admission (suggested donation of $5 per person is welcome). Viggo said of Solvang: When you look for a place . . . and you find Utopia — then you stop looking, and say, “There!” Velkommen til Solvang!