Sweet Treats for Your Valentine!

2013 Taste of Solvang Pro Winner Dessert-Ingeborgs Dark-Light TrufflesYou’re probably well aware that next Sunday is February 14—Valentine’s Day! So, have you shopped for something special for your sweetheart yet? Sharing a treat is a delicious way to show you care—and it’s so easy to do here in Solvang since this is the place to satisfy sweet cravings year-round. If you’re like me, you’re probably craving chocolate! Discover family-owned/operated Ingeborg’s Danish Chocolates that has been using authentic recipes for handmade confections since 1961 (how can you possibly choose between truffles made with raspberry or rum or mocha or amaretto or chocolate mousse?)

Also founded in 1961 (what was going on that year?) is the Old Danish Fudge Kitchen that makes the real deal using an impressive copper pot heated over a gas-burning stove mixing 25-pound batches with all-natural ingredients; then poured onto marble tables for cooling (you can watch and sample, try the chocolate peanut butter or yummy dark chocolate and other specialty blends.) And if you can’t make it to Solvang in person right now, both of these shops will ship direct to your sweetheart!

Solvang, CaliforniaAnd of course, Solvang’s five authentic Danish bakeries have plenty of options too! For more delicious details, visit http://www.solvangusa.com/dining