Solvang Visitors Center Is Pokémon GO Game “Poke Stop” Along with Dozens More

Pokemon GO at Solvang Visitors CenterHave you seen, heard or been playing “Pokémon GO”—the augmented-reality virtual game sweeping the nation? No surprise, locals and visitors of all ages are playing throughout Solvang—and there are more than 40 “Poke Stops” and four “Poke Gyms” in downtown Solvang—including one at the Solvang Visitors Center at 1639 Copenhagen Drive. I have to admit I’m not a Pokémon GO player yet I certainly remember the classic Nintendo video game and TV series in the 1990’s. In case you haven’t heard–the free Pokémon GO game app is downloaded to smartphones. Players walk around real places and find virtual Pokémon creatures by using the GPS and camera on the player’s smartphone. For example, the Solvang Visitors Center is a Pokémon GO game “Poke Stop” location that triggers the display of a digital creature on the player’s smartphone. Remember, the “creature” is only on the smartphone screen! Do enjoy playing Pokémon GO in Solvang, yet please play safely by watching where you walk, avoid trespassing on private property and enjoy discovering Little Denmark on foot! There’s so many attractions, shopping, dining and recreational activities to enjoy in real-time in Solvang, too!